Jeep liberty 2003 схема

Часть 3. Особенности полного привода Введение в системы полного привода. Due to the shorter left side half shaft CRD models cannot be lifted as high before the CV joints begin to bind. Engine Swap The Chrysler 4.7L PowerTech V8, also known as the Dodge 4.7L Magnum V8, is the most compatible candidate for a larger displacement engine swap. Aftermarket differential covers will change the required lube volume. 75W-90 dino lube should be used for light duty applications and 75W-140 synthetic for heavy duty off-roading and towing. This will allow you to see the sound insulation on the inside of the firewall.

The Dana 35C is different from the Dana 35. The «C» in the model number refers to custom, not complete. It indicates that Dana Corporation ships their Dana 35 to DiamlerChrysler who then builds it. The goal is to eliminate as much backpressure as possible while still maintaing sufficient velocity. JBA manufactures stainless steel short-tube headers for the Jeep Liberty. Generally, MagnaFlow mufflers offer more performance but less aggressive sound than Flowmasters. The B&G Jeep Liberty Flash (JTEC-NGC) permanently changes the timing and fuel tables, raises the rev limit and speed limit, and removes torque management. A different intake temperature sensor tricks the engine into adjusting the fuel mixture. The only engine available currently is the 3.7L V6. The current Jeep Liberty has two available models: Sport and Limited. First off, you will need to remove the drivers side kick panel.
The Skid Row skid fits all 2002-present Libertys, including the CRD, and includes an engine oil filter drain hole. Differential Covers The Ruff Stuff Specialties Chrysler 8.25″ .375 One Piece Diff Cover is currently the only fabricated cover constructed of 3/8″ plate steel with a 1/2″ plate steel ring. It features a 1″ fill plug. Mode Gear Ratio 2WD 1.00:1 4-HI Part Time 1.00:1 N N/A 4-LO 2.72:1 NV241J The NV241J, also known as Command-Trac HD, is sometimes incorrectly referred to as an «NV231J-HD». It was available in the 2005-2007 Jeep Liberty (KJ) with the 6-spd transmission in any package. The clip-nut on both the front and rear hooks is a common automotive fastener which may be available at well stocked hardware stores.

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